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Submitted by Laura on 10 May 2020

This was by far the easiest contractor to work with. Laura came to the house for a walk through on what was needed to be done to repair walls and base board damage from a water leak in the kitchen and lanai room. She spent a couple of hours with us talking about what we needed and what we wanted. Several days later we were provided with a design which needed just a few tweaks She came to the house again with her van fully loaded with samples for us to choose from. Even before the contract was signed Laura discovered that the quartz counter we wanted was in short supply. She immediately went to her vendor and was able to secure our order. If she had delayed the project would have been several months behind schedule. The cabinet builder mailed 3 large samples of cabinet finishes and had matched the white I had chosen perfectly. Laura's work crew are the BEST! We live out of town, so it was up to the crew to move the furniture out of the lanai & living room - moving it to the back bedrooms or in the far corner of the living room. Everything was covered with plastic. They left the work area clean every night and made sure the house was locked and secure. The quality of their work is top notch - it is obvious that they take pride in what they do. The custom kitchen cabinets are beautiful, the install of the appliances perfect and the quartz counter top is fabulous. The work was completed on schedule, finishing up the last week in February. Upon completion the crew cleaned the area and moved the furniture back where they found it - something I was not expecting. After all the work was completed there was a very short 'to do' list of 5 items, mostly touch up painting.The site supervisor returned the same day to complete these items, went over even the smallest detail and corrected some things I had missed. We now have a kitchen with WOW factor. 2 very happy homeowners. Can't ask for anything better!

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Carol P