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Kitchen Design by Laura is your number one kitchen and bathroom remodeler in the local area. Laura Wallace, owner of Kitchen Design by Laura is an award winning kitchen and bathroom designer who works alongside her Licensed and Insured Kitchen and Bathroom Contractors to create beautiful kitchen and bathroom renovation needs. Supplying Custom Built Cabinetry, Granite and Quartz Countertops, Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures and expert installation and quality craftsmanship for every Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel.

About This Project

This Small Condo Renovation was sure to be a challenge. The space was very small and lacked function and storage in both the kitchens and the bathrooms. By making small changes to the kitchen during the remodel, without compromising the existing locations of major appliances and plumbing due to condo regulations, the minor changes opened up the space for a more useable work triangle and a more appealing kitchen design. 

In the existing kitchen, the small refrigerator was against the wall by leaving a few inches from the wall (wasting space) and a smaller cubby in the center. The homeowner liked the cubby as a place to put a small appliance or coffee maker, reversing the refrigerator and the pantry, which contains 4 full extension soft close roll out drawers for storage in the lower section and 2 adjustable shelves for the upper portion, it makes the center cubby almost 4.5 inches wider than it was before and no more awkward refrigerator door gap and opening it into the window. Making this move left for a larger french door refrigerator and creates a much better functioning kitchen workspace.

Going with your classic white shaker style cabinetry was the perfect touch for a beach from condo remodel. Bringing in the colors that are neutral and adding simple wavy subway tile for the back splash creates a timeless look for any style kitchen renovation. In this backsplash design, we chose to do the grout in the same color as the tile in order to keep it seamless unless you are standing in front of the tile itself. The tile was selected from floor and decor called Villa Artisan 3 x 12 Frost. It's a perfect combination with the color of the cabinetry and to achieve the look the homeowner wanted to achieve. 

The countertop for this kitchen remodel is Black Pearl Granite in a Leathered Finish. Leathered Finish countertops are becoming very stylish in today's kitchen makeover plans. Granite Countertops have become a staple of many homes. The natural stone is beloved by many homeowners for its beautiful looks and durability. Granite can be found in a vast array of colors, which include different patterns of veins, flecks and swirls. Granite countertops are heat and stain resistant, which makes for an ideal surface for your new kitchen or bathroom remodel. 

With Granite Countertops, you will have different options for finishes. Two of the finishes are honed and polished. In fact, these are the two most common that you will see when visiting the granite showrooms to select your slabs. However, there is a new third option that has become popular among to enhance their kitchen remodeling experience. A leather finish to granite is rising in popularity because of its unique and interesting appearance.

Granite is a beautiful natural stone that is often used for countertops. The stone has had many uses over thousands of years, including construction of some of the world's most famous buildings and monuments, such as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The stone is one of the strongest materials you can use for your countertops during your kitchen remodeling project. Granite can also be used elsewhere in the house, including floors, walls and tables. Although certain types can get pricey, granite is one of the less expensive natural stone options that you can choose from during your Kitchen Renovation Project. 

What is Leathered Granite? Now that you know more about granite in general, you may be wondering: What exactly is leathered granite? Leathered granite is a finish option for your countertops that will leave the surface with a slightly matte appearance and highlight the natural contours and coloring of the stone. It is among ta few options that you will have for countertop finishes during your renovation project. 

Doing Luxury Vinyl Flooring throughout the condo renovation gives a seamless look as well as being a durable application right on the beach. We chose a Tessaro Brand Luxwood in Winter Grey which brings out a modern appearance without being cold. Luxury Vinyl Planks are a quickly growing segment in the marketplace, and the engineered vinyl planks are very popular in all condo and home remodels today. They provide a gorgeious real and contemporary look and are extremely durable and versatile for any renovation project. Luxury Vinyl provides a huge benefit because they are waterproof and are great for water or moisture prone areas such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel. 

Luxury vinyl tends to hold up much better than laminate and engineered hardwood and they can be installed on top of virtually any type of surface. This is very popular with remodel projects if there is a lot of tile throughout the home to save money on removal and also to save on the dust created by removing flooring. Our Licensed General Contractor Teams use exceptional expert installers to create a beautiful remodeling project for all our homeowners. 

The Master and Guest Bathroom Remodel on this project was a little tricky to create space where there was none. The guest bathroom only had a 21" vanity sink which leaves for no storage and a tiny sink. We opted to redesign the shape of the shower to create a better shower experience and use dead space in the area as well as create a larger vanity at the sink and gain 3" for the sink base. That is a plus with this tiny bathroom remodel. 

The Master Vanity was another challenge. The vanity was in front of a window and pushes the sink to a shallow cabinet with a tiny sink. Basically you were standing right on top of the toilet. By removing the turn and creating a sliding window mirror...we created a vanity with storage and more standing space as well as the mirror is used for a sliding window cover when not in use.

Our Team of Licensed Contractors strive to create beautiful remodels. We service Sarasota and Manatee Counties as well as inland and beaches. Laura Wallace of Kitchen Design by Laura is an award-winning Kitchen and Bathroom Designer that works with her teams to create a beautiful remodel project for your home. We are your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler Experts. 

Please contact our office for your in home consultation and let us help you create a beautiful condo renovation or new kitchen and bathroom remodel of your dreams. 



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