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Kitchen Design by Laura is your number one kitchen and bathroom remodeler in the local area. Laura Wallace, owner of Kitchen Design by Laura is an award winning kitchen and bathroom designer who works alongside her Licensed and Insured Kitchen and Bathroom Contractors to create beautiful kitchen and bathroom renovation needs. Supplying Custom Built Cabinetry, Granite and Quartz Countertops, Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures and expert installation and quality craftsmanship for every Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel.

About This Project

Sanderling Club Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

This project sits on a beautiful lot with great views and foliage to a wonderful out door oasis. The only problem is the kitchen was so compartmentalized that the 2 entertainment areas in the home were closed off from the kitchen. Opening up one of the living spaces and creating a large Great Room that overlooks the pool and reserve area changed the whole feel of the home. Lots of light and panoramic windows bring in the beautiful out door landscaping to this very classy kitchen. The cabinets are Inset Double Beaded Custom Built Face Frame Cabinets topped with Silestone Calacatta Gold Quartz. Even the Backsplash has the Quartz to keep it simple. The flooring consisted of the original Travertine that flows throughout the home. Only minimal pieces needed to be replaced where the wall and island was reconfigured. 

There are several stages to a Kitchen Remodeling project. keep your project running smoothly from start to finish with these helpful hints. Kitchen Design by Laura and her team of experienced License General Contractors can help you with the planning process and to be prepared for your new Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation with less stress. It can be daunting to know that you are ready to be living through a remodel, however, if you are prepared for it, you will go through it with ease and at the end of the day be thrilled with your Newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom. 

Here are two actions that come to mind as being the most important in getting ready for a construction project. First, Avoid denial and be totally prepared for your Kitchen Renovation. Everything you need to do falls under one of these two categories and if you are aware of them, you can be prepared for the very first day of construction of your kitchen renovation. 

First off, Make a list of items you will need onsite when the construction begins. Kitchen Design by Laura will help you with all of this and start gathering all of your product needs prior to the start of the construction. This way your product is ready and there are no delays moving forward. Selections are very important in the planning process. Have you ordered your sink and faucet? What about your other plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures? Do you have your appliance delivery scheduled? All appliances must be ordered or purchased and specifications are necessary for the Kitchen Design and Space Planning Process. Kitchen Space planning around guessing what sizes or types of appliances wanted are temporary and have to be reconfigured again once all appliances are figured out and selected. Delays in ordering and them coming in timely can be a huge issue because your Kitchen Remodel won't be complete if your appliances or fixtures are on back order. 

Establishing expectations with your contractor is a very big key. This isn't just about telling the contractor what YOU expect, this is also about the contractor and other team members letting you know what is realistic in your expectations. This will make for a more successful Kitchen Remodeling experience. Sometimes it may seem as you are on the same page with your Kitchen Renovation only to find out your communication was not clear between the two of you and someone will be feeling disappointed with the outcome of the Kitchen Remodel. As a homeowner, you actually do have some control over your decisions. Trying to be clear on what your expectations are and detail out your desires should be addressed during the planning process of your Kitchen Renovation. 

Do not forget to be kind to your neighbors if you live in a tight community to let them know you are having a Kitchen Renovation and a Licensed General Contractor and other Vendors will be coming and going for a few months. Let the neighbors know that there will be construction crews around and noise. Tell them to please advise you if they see or notice anything unusual such as debris or vehicles blocking their driveway. There will be deliveries and often there will be numerous vehicles and to please understand about the traffic. Remember, all of this a temporary must have when doing a kitchen remodel in a residential neighborhood. 

If you live out of town or are gone for your Kitchen Renovation, you can set up a recurring weekly construction meeting to touch base with your contractors or Kitchen Designer in control of your project. Kitchen Design by Laura and her team of Licensed General Contractors will provide you a working schedule and set up weekly meetings if necessary. Our communication through your Kitchen Remodeling project is on task with these concerns in mind. 

Here are some things to consider and discuss with your Kitchen Remodeling Contract and Kitchen Design Team: 
How long will the construction last? How to guard against delays, as well as Debris Removal and Dust Control, Staging areas and Clean up expectations. All of these are legitimate considerations in all Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling. 

It is time to get ready for your Kitchen Remodel. Don't dread this, be prepared. look at it as an opportunity to do some serious spring cleaning before your kitchen renovation. Instead of throwing everything in a bunch of boxes and deferring the editing process to the end, get it done now to make moving back in that much more fun and efficient. Keep what you use or will use and get rid of old and cluttered items prior to your start of your kitchen remodel. New Tupperware or mismatched glasses are the first place to start when you are at this stage of packing up boxes for your kitchen remodel. 

Put all the items you won't need for the few months into separate boxes for the few months if you have question on whether or not you want to get rid of them. You will find that you will donate or give away all those items because your new Kitchen Remodel supersedes keeping mismatched stuff. Keep out enough items to function day to day in a clear container and put together a makeshift temporary kitchen in another location. Paper plates and plastic cups can be your friend during your kitchen remodel. 

Some tips for setting up a temporary kitchen:

Set up a station for cooking and prep, include a microwave and toaster oven, possibly a hot plate if that is something you will use. A cutting board is also a good tool. 

Have your Kitchen Contractor set up your old refrigerator in a temporary kitchen area. Store food in large clear plastic bins under the makeshift kitchen table. Try to be minimal as far as pots and pans. Sometimes an electric skillet is all you need instead of multiple cooking items. Again, plastic cups, paper plates, paper towels is about all you need. Kitchen Remodeling doesn't have to be a headache if you are prepared. 

Call for your in home consultation for your Kitchen Remodel today. 

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