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Kitchen Design by Laura is your number one kitchen and bathroom remodeler in the local area. Laura Wallace, owner of Kitchen Design by Laura is an award winning kitchen and bathroom designer who works alongside her Licensed and Insured Kitchen and Bathroom Contractors to create beautiful kitchen and bathroom renovation needs. Supplying Custom Built Cabinetry, Granite and Quartz Countertops, Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures and expert installation and quality craftsmanship for every Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel.

About This Project

Laurel Oaks Country Club Home

This Laurel Oaks, Sarasota Home is filled with lots of artistic style and fits the personality of its owners. Removing all the dropped soffits and dated lighting, spiral staircase that ate up useful and needed space in the living room along with creating a new fireplace area that enhances not only the entire living space but pulls it all together is an understatement. A newly shaped Island with lots of storage and function, a revised layout that creates 3 times the original storage and countertop space and a place for the family pet to have a place for their bowls and storage items as well makes up for a lot of gain. Acrylic Cabinetry for a modern appearance and a vibrant glass and stone backsplash complete the look they were dreaming of for many years. The fireplace ledger tile to the 2 story ceiling with a new steam and crackle Dimplex fireplace system really made for a beautiful luxury  to enjoy daily without heat in the Florida weather year round.

Every family is unique and will want different things from a Kitchen Remodel. But it's safe to say that some desires are universal. Good flow, functionality and the opportunity to connect as a family. 

Storage is so important in a Kitchen Renovation. A shortage of storage can mean clutter, chaos and disorganization as you navigate for your prep items. Having a space for everything that makes sense is one of the most important things when working with a kitchen designer. Practical storage helps you create organization systems so clutter doesn't build up on surfaces and in corners of the new remodeled kitchen. It's the key to maintaining some level of serenity in a new kitchen renovation.

Hiring an experience Kitchen Designer, such as Laura Wallace, owner of Kitchen Design by Laura, can help you bring that organization into your new remodeling project at the space planning meeting. Helping you to find the best balance for your space and lifestyle is very important. Being well versed on all the upcoming and current space saving inserts and components for your new kitchen cabinetry can help your space planning process go smoothly. 

Good lighting also encompasses everything from orientation, windows, skylights and color to artificial lighting. Light affects everything from the aesthetics, mood and functionality of a home to indoor temperature. Just like weather affects our mood, so does the amount and quality of light we receive in our living spaces. During the day, natural light can transform a room, depending on the orientation and window size. New LED recessed can lighting in different shades can create a warm to a bright white look. Task lighting or undercabinet lighting can also help with setting a positive mood for your remodeling project. In conjunction with lighting, paint finishes and color selections are also keys to success for setting a positive mood for a new kitchen renovation. 

There's so much to consider when it comes to lighting, so it's best to consult with a very experienced Kitchen Designer or lighting designer in order to get it right. This should be done in the planning stages along with your new Kitchen Design and Layout. It's necessary to have these things figured out so the pre wiring can be done at rough in to save on costs. Your Kitchen Designer and Licensed General Contractor will be able to interpret your room orientation, window and skylight sizes to determine exactly how much light is required to enhance your Kitchen Remodeling goals. 

Never steer away from what makes you happy. A good kitchen designer will listen to their clients and bring the textures and colors that their clients desire into the New Kitchen Remodel Project. Choosing a qualified and experienced Kitchen Designer is the key to success. Kitchen Design by Laura and her teams of Licensed General Contractors are well versed in helping you create the best plan for your Beautiful New Kitchen Remodel.

Give Kitchen Design by Laura a call today to help you create your beautiful new kitchen or bathroom. 


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