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About This Project

Laurel Oaks Country Club Home

This Laurel Oaks, Sarasota Home is filled with lots of artistic style and fits the personality of its owners. Removing all the dropped soffits and dated lighting, spiral staircase that ate up useful and needed space in the living room along with creating a new fireplace area that enhances not only the entire living space but pulls it all together is an understatement. A newly shaped Island with lots of storage and function, a revised layout that creates 3 times the original storage and countertop space and a place for the family pet to have a place for their bowls and storage items as well makes up for a lot of gain. Acrylic Cabinetry for a modern appearance and a vibrant glass and stone backsplash complete the look they were dreaming of for many years. The fireplace ledger tile to the 2 story ceiling with a new steam and crackle dimplex fireplace system really made for a beautiful luxury  to enjoy daily without heat in the Florida weather year round.

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