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Submitted by Laura on 10 May 2020

I had about 6 kitchen design people look at my old kitchen, getting pricing and ideas. There was a closet in the kitchen with bi-fold doors, which I didn’t like. Laura was the only one that provided a good design solution. She said You take this wall out, slide the refrig down to cover the spot where the floor tiles would not match, gain three feet in counter space, put floor to ceiling cabinets in this area to the right of the refrig. This great idea not only made my kitchen bigger, it looks great. I am totally pleased.  The work could not have gone better. Entire project was completed in three weeks which I think is pretty impressive considering the kitchen was gutted. Laura's contractor demoed the kitchen, and installed/rebuilt everything except the cabinet installation. Laura's cabinet installer got the job down in 2 1/2 days. I could not be happier with my new kitchen.

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Evelyn G