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Submitted by Laura on 10 May 2020

This review has been a long time coming. But having never used a designer/contractor before Laura, I had no point of comparison. Now, I do. I've learned that the things I deem most important are expertise, communication, punctuality, workmanship, and cost. Laura and her team had all of this covered, and then some. From the day of my initial inquiry, she has responded promptly to any call, text, or email. Even now, if I were to text her a question, she'd respond within minutes (despite not having worked together in 2+ years!) If I recall, she met with me within days of my initial call ... and not because her calendar is wide open. Most times, she has multiple jobs going on, but she juggles them successfully. When I decided to work with her, she wasted no time. You know those times when you find yourself calling a business more than once, and you don't get the courtesy of a return call? This doesn't happen with Laura. If she can do the job, she will. If she can't, because of scheduling or because it's not her area of expertise, she won't (but will be quick to give a referral). Ultimately, she wants to make sure you get what's best for you. And she's honest enough to admit when Kitchen Design by Laura can't meet your needs. (She even helped me when I was ready to install flooring throughout the house, which had nothing to do with the kitchen remodel.) Throughout our entire project, Laura was extremely knowledgeable, honest in her opinions, and kept in touch with me to let me know exactly what was going on at all times. And because this was a complete remodel, her creative input was extremely valuable!! She is thorough without trying to upsell you on anything. In fact, not only did she work within my budget, I got soooo much more bang for my buck with her functional and beautiful design. The overall project went well, with no delays. Unlike most remodels, we ran into no problems (I do realize how lucky I was). The 1 minor hiccup was when the cabinet maker built a single trash can pull-out, versus the double can pull-out that was requested. It was resolved the next day. This was my first home purchase and was made not long after the death of my mother. I had a lot going on, financially and emotionally. Laura met all of my professional expectations, and handled the job with the level of sensitivity that I needed at the time. Kitchen Design by Laura comes with my highest recommendation for your design/remodel needs!

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Sabra P