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Submitted by Laura on 10 May 2020

The overall project went as well as I could've expected. We experienced a two-month delay at the beginning because the city required exterior impact windows be installed and completed before the rest of my remodel could continue. Laura had warned me in her proposal before any work got started that this might be a factor that was not worked into her price. Once this was resolved the rest of the remodel went relatively smoothly. Her contractor, Jim, is top notch and only works for the owner/designer Laura. They had excellent communication with both each other and me during the entire process and went out of their way to accommodate my schedule. Anyone who thinks that they won't run into problems or challenges during a remodel is being unrealistic. It's about how your designer and contractor handle the challenges that shows their professionalism and I got great treatment from Laura and Jim in every case. When we did encounter something, they told me what was possible, if it was included in the overall cost, or that it simply couldn't be done. One example was that my shower indent niches had to fit within the exterior framing of the building despite that I wanted them placed differently. Jim also immediately contacted me when my washer and dryer that I had purchased didn't fit in the designated laundry space because I'd purchased units that were over-sized. He gave me my options and we ended up building out the wall at a minimal extra cost to accommodate my choice. I couldn't even tell afterwards that it'd ever been different. Jim even took responsibility when one of his workers tracked wax onto my carpet that I wasn't planning on changing out. Because they couldn't get the wax out, Jim installed new carpet in one bedroom and no additional cost to me. Laura came up with an ingenious redesign for my master bathroom and hall closet that had an absolutely awful initial layout when the condo was built. None of the other contractors I received bids from came up with anything close. It's such a smart use of space that I'm so grateful for. Finally, the job site was always neat and tidy. Even though I wasn't living in the unit during the remodel, it was always nice to walk into a clean space to check on the progress. They also took care of little extras like carrying my fireplace mantel up 3 flights of stairs when I was out of town. If you choose to go with Kitchen Design by Laura, you're going to get a great design, top quality and high-end products and finishes installed, and first-rate professional customer service. I would not hesitate to use this company again or recommend them to any of my family or friends.

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